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Frameless or Frame for your shower

Over the past 5 years frameless shower screens have become the preferred option. With a frameless shower screen the whole bathroom has a cleaner more modern look and feel. Over a period of time, aluminium screen frames can become slightly corroded and show signs of wear from water and residue, frameless takes this out of

Designing your bathroom

When designing your bathroom to the budget that you are looking to keep to, consider what is going to cost the most and is it what is needed. Moving plumbing around in a bathroom can sometimes uncover other issues which results in a cost blow out… no one likes nasty surprises but it happens sometimes

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How to make a smaller bathroom look bigger

Does your house or apartment look like it has a small bathroom? Don’t worry, this is very common, however with some good design, your bathroom can look larger and more spacious. Firstly, the choice of tiles. White slightly larger than normal tiles make rooms look bigger. Adding in a contrast floor tile and the room