How to make a smaller bathroom look bigger - Amazing Bathroom Renovations

Does your house or apartment look like it has a small bathroom? Don’t worry, this is very common, however with some good design, your bathroom can look larger and more spacious.

Firstly, the choice of tiles. White slightly larger than normal tiles make rooms look bigger. Adding in a contrast floor tile and the room will really pop. Next the shower, consider an angled corner shower, this saves on space taken up by traditional corner showers… oh and pay a little more to make the shower screen frameless, it adds a touch of class whilst not dragging the eyes to the frames on the shower.

For the vanity, there are ranges of slimline units that reduce the impact on floor space and there are even shorter toilets. And consider leaving the medicine cabinet out and add a decorative mirror to enhance space.

For the lighting, install down lights and cap of window furnishing with plantation shutters that will make the windows look bigger too.

Transform complete, your bathroom will look bigger, brighter and best of all modern and add value to your house of apartment.