Designing your bathroom - Amazing Bathroom Renovations

Glenhaven Bathroom Renovations

When designing your bathroom to the budget that you are looking to keep to, consider what is going to cost the most and is it what is needed.

Moving plumbing around in a bathroom can sometimes uncover other issues which results in a cost blow out… no one likes nasty surprises but it happens sometimes where the house may be affected by asbestos if slightly older or structural problems. Amazing Bathroom Renovations are skilled in reworking bathrooms so rest easy and yes we have seen it all before.

Think practical when designing the bathroom, keep entrances and windows clear and parts within the bathroom as private as possible when the door is opened. Choose tiles that work with the rest of your house so that it blends seamlessly whilst making a statement. Resist the temptation to paint the ceiling black or any other colour… it will look great for a little while but colours go out of fashion quite quickly.. white maybe boring but you will be thankful in 5 years time.

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, with this in mind, carefully plan the bathroom so that it is universally friendly.